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David asks…

I need some kind of meditating. Can someone tell me what i need please?

Ive been having a lot of pressure lately. Its nothing that bad, but its just little things that have been building up. I think i need some sort of meditation to be able to channel this pressure and feelings and to be more calm. Note: I am Catholic, but not that much and i dont want to do anything with the Third Eye or anything like that. Thnx!!!!!

Binaural Beats answers:

Check out stuff related to “binaural beats”, supposedly listening with each ear to two slightly different audio frequencies can create specific resonant frequencies in your brain that can provoke certain states.

Don’t know how much is theoretical and how much is true but worth a shot.

William asks…

Binaural Beats, do I need to start in Alpha & work my way down to Theta?

I’m in the state of mind in which I would like to alter my current neuronet.

I want to stop a particular behaviour for good, by rewiring my current neuronet. I have stopped this behavious via breaking the thought connection when ever I get the urge to do it. (I had very bad tics, touretts in regards to Anxiety) but have managed to stop it from a lot of reading over the years.

Must I first start in Alpha and move throughout the different states, down to Theta’ or can I just play Theta beats and hope that the frequency will bring my brain waves into Theta where I can make thoughs of breaking the ‘habit’

Binaural Beats answers:

If your talking some kind of hypnosis see a professional.

Certain folk aren’t suited.

And Yes you would start with Alpha Waves.

Best Wishes.

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14th Year Psychology / Counselling Student.

4th Year Hypnotism Student.

32 Years Qualified Automotive Technician.

Part Time Human Being.

George asks…

Is this bad for someone?

OK i”m a 14 year old girl and right now its like 2 am, i’m having a hard time falling asleep right now and i have school in like a few hours and my head is starting to hurt………Anyway if you know anyway that i can fall asleep sooner everyday i would be so grateful.
and about how much sleep should a person my age get every night?

Binaural Beats answers:

Problem creates diffuclt to sleep
Sleep is one of the most important things in life. Getting a good night’s sleep is severely underrated, it can give you the energy you need to do anything you wish the next day, and can keep your mind at rest so mental fatigue doesn’t keep setting in. Far too many people in our society don’t realize just how important sleep is, and yet they continue to go through their lives in a complete haze of fatigue and restlessness.

In order to achieve complete relaxation, allowing you to fall into deep sleep as quickly as possible, you might need a helping hand. If you’ve got the correct tools and resources to relax, then half the battle is won, and you’ll be getting great nights of sleep in no time. One of the best ways to do this is to use Binaural Beats. These are created by a sine wave generator, which sounds pretty scary, but in reality it’s very simple. Your brain will be fed two separate frequencies, one into each ear. These frequencies will then be balanced by your brain, tuning you to a specific frequency that will allow you to relax fully.

Binaural Beats are an extremely effective way of getting a great night’s sleep, and you’ll be amazed just how much of an increase you see in your quality of life, just by sleeping deeply for a good number of hours each night. Binaural Beats will always be there to help you relax, and can take away any stresses that you are having, so they are useful in numerous situations, not just those that involve getting to sleep quickly and easily.

>>Download Binaural Beats For Better Sleep

Donald asks…

migraines all the time?

Yeah, so, whenever I don’t eat(every few hours) I get really bad headaches, and sometimes they’ll turn into migraines and I’ll end up like throwing up a lot, but it’s normally just like water I’m throwing up (or something?)
Anyways, do u think this could be more than just a migraine?

Binaural Beats answers:

Get your blood sugar levels checked for starters.

Visit a Naturopath to find out the triggers or if you have any deficiencies or allergies that could be causing them.

I used to get migraines a couple of times (at least) every month. I don’t get them now AT ALL, since I started wearing my scalar energy pendant. I know that sounds bizarre, but I don’t care. For me it worked – not a single migraine since (it’s been several months now) so it’s probably worth you looking into as well.

If you have an iPhone by any chance, have a look at apps for ‘binaural beats’. Some of them have ‘migraine killers’ that can be helpful, too.

Best of luck finding something that helps you… Migraine really suck.

Mandy asks…

Does anyone know an Anxiety “Cure”?

I have a really bad case of anxiety disorder, & have since Feb. It just dosen’t seem like it’s gonna go away anytime soon. I went 2 a Doc. & all they did was give me a bunch of addictive pills that made me feel strange & gave me splitting headaches 4 weeks when I gave ‘em up. I know all the breathing tech’s. But they do only so much. Does anyone know any secrets? & please don’t say weed ’cause that only made it worse. Best I have is 2 ignore ‘em, but when 1 goes away, another follows.

Binaural Beats answers:

Hi Lava Sponge,

Anxiety and Panic can be a living hell, but you do not have to be powerless in this situation, and there are a number of things that you can do to help yourself today. I am a staff support officer with a major international employer and I have worked with many hundreds of anxiety sufferers, and without exception I have seen those who are determined to help themselves and take appropriate action, find control, real peace and long term relief.

So what can you do today to ease the feelings:-

a) Slow down, be realistic with yourself, and do not try to fit too much into your day. Learn to say “NO” to yourself and others if necessary. You do not have to feel overwhelmed.

B) Avoid smoking, coffee and caffeine based drinks, and alcohol. All of these adversely affect your nervous system, and will aggravate your symptoms. Avoid cannabis and illegal drugs too, as these will only make things feel worse.

C) Make a list of things that you are worried about, see what you can tackle today, and in the longer term, and accept the things you cannot change.

D) Analyse your worries, what is the worst that can happen – things are rarely as bad as we imagine. Much of what we worry about does not happen anyway. Here’s something you can try – Look at the worst scenario, take your worry to it’s extreme – ok it’s not good, but with help and support you can handle it can’t you! So stop worrying!

E) You need life balance, so set aside 8 hours in bed for rest and sleep, and for other good bedroom pursuits that will also help you relax and enjoy! You also need to set about time for fun relaxation, hobbies, exercise. I combine all of these by walking my dogs! It helps me unwind and think things through, and a brisk walk is great exercise too which helps me sleep better.

F) Consider sourcing your local anxiety management group as it can be very helpful to meet and discuss with fellow sufferers who can understand and empathise with your feelings.

G) Relaxation and yoga classes, have proven benefits too, or you could try the Binaural Beats Bliss site for downloads of gentle rhythmical sounds which is the fast an effective means of achieving total peace and relaxation, and many meditative states too. Binaural Beats Anxiety Aid is a precision quality recording. You will be able to quickly achieve a state of relaxation that might take you months of practice and discipline through other means. There is a free sample on site for you to try, so you can see how effective the recordings are.

Please start caring for yourself, and taking the advice yourself that you might give a dear friend. You deserve that level of care too!

So there you have a several things that you can do today, and start doing longer term to ease your pain, and take control. There is much more information and resources on My Anxiety Relieved Today Site, and access to the most effective natural anxiety relief programs on the web today.

Wishing you much peace and rest,


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